Pictures from year 2014

Christmas at Leavenworth, 2014
Cynder and Stewart, Nov 2014
Last soccer day, 11/1
Halloween 2014
At Foxhole Farm, 10/19
Swimming class, 10/18
We play soccer, shine or rain.... 10/18
Karate lesson, 10/18
Point Defiance Zoo, Tacoma, 9/21
Puyallup Washington State Fair 9/14
First day of soccer, Lake Hills Soccer Club, 9/13
At Northwest Trek
At Snoqualmie Falls
Swimming class, 8/16
Karate class, 8/16
WFHSMD Picnic, 8/14
Victor's birthday
Vacation in Long Beach, CA
Annika's 5th birthday
Vlad swimming lessons
Vlad Karate, 7/12
James' birthday
At Dara & Egan, 07/05
4th of July Fireworks in Bellevue
At Cougar Mountain Zoo (Issaquah), 06/15
Vlad swimming lesson 6/14
Karate lesson and first belt
Soccer training, 6/13
Various Vlad and Radu
Jurassic Quest, Puyallup
At Woodlands park zoo
Ms Barnard baby shower 5/16
Vlad swimming lesson 5/10
First swimming lesson, 05/03
School Concert, 05/01
In park @ Issaquah
Last ski day @ Powderpigs
Vlad & Radu
100 years old
Vlad's 6th Birthday
40 and counting
At Crossroads, 1/26
At Snoqualmie Pass, 01/25
Again on skis
Alex's birthday
Radu's 2nd birthday party