Pictures from year 2012

Christmas 2012
With Santa, 2012
Yoga's birthday party, 12/09
How to train your dragon - live at Tacoma Dome, 12/09
With friends at Factoria Kids Quest Museum, 12/02
Various Vlad & Radu pictures, 12/12
Vlad gets a haircut, 12/01
Botezul Norei 11/11
Gregory's birthday at YMCA, 11/10
Aiden & Alyssa's Christening, 11/04
Post-Halloween party at Irina & Cristi
Halloween decorations
Icecream party with Ms. Sue, 10/20
Halloween carving session, 10/28
Issaquah Salmon Days Festival, 10-07-2012
Various Radu pictures, 10/2012
Open firehouse & Crossroads park
At Alki beach, 10/06
U-Fish @ Gold Creek Trout Farm & Saint Edwards state park
Mt. Rainier scenic train ride at Elbe, WA
Romanian community picnic, 09/08
In Redmond Town Center, 09/02
At Kids Quest Museum, Factoria
Siddhant's 4yo birthday, 8/26
Hala & Wren's birthday, 8/8
Remlinger's Farm, 8/11
Visual Studio 2012 ship party, 8/8
Vlad and Radu in various parks
Victor's birthday party, 8/4
Vlad and William at Blueberry Farm, 7/28
At Woodland Park Zoo, 7/22
A day out with Thomas, 7/20
Alex & Maria's birthdays
Radu, 7/6
Rabbit in our garden, 7/5
Vlad on July 4th, 7/4
Fun at Remlinger Farm, 6/30
Strawberry festival 2012
Radu's bath after christening
Christening Radu Gabriel
Butonar mic
Flavia's birthday
Argosy cruise
Vlad si Radu, various pictures May 2012
Vlad saves a bird
Vlad gets a haircut
At the zoo
Egg hunt, 2012
Egan's 4th birthday
Vlad and Radu, various pictures March 2012
Radu taking a bath
Vlad's 4th year birthday party
Vlad's first photos
Radu at 2 weeks
In the snow
Cosmin's Birthday
Winter Gala at KinderCare
Radu's pictures by Bella Baby
Radu Gabriel is born
New Year 2012