Pictures from year 2009

Christmas 2009
Nikky and Schumi, 12/07
Vlad and Cosmin
Halloween at Cristi and Irina
During the weekend, 10/11
At Salmon Festival, Issaquah
Various pictures of Vlad, 09-10
In Robinswood park, 09/27
In Kelsey Creek Park, 8/16
In Bellevue Square, 8/15
Having fun in the pool
At the beach, in New Castle
Animals at Cougar Mountain Zoo, Issaquah
More fun in parks, 05/17
In park at Crossroads, 04/26
In park at Crossroads, 04/05
In park at Greenlake, 04/04
First haircut, 03/21
Walking and playing
Vlad's birthday
Eating bread
Various pictures of Vlad
With Robert in Robinswood park, 9/27