Pictures from year 2004

Christmas, 2004
At Developer Division party
Thanksgiving in E.Lansing, 11/2004
Botezul Isabellei, 11/14/2004
Halloween at Bogdan & Irinel, 10/30/2004
Vacation in Cancun, Mexic, 10/2004
Retreat at Sunrise, Mt.Rainier, 09/24
At Woodland Park Zoo, 09/07
Fun at Enchanted Village, 09/04
On the beach at Ocean Shores, 06/2004
St. Peter Family Medicine Graduation Triathlon 2004
In Fremont
World Nude Bike Ride, Seattle 2004
Finally I visited Elma
And so we hit ZBB for VS8 M1
Vacation in San Francisco, 04/2004
In Bellevue
At Keg, on Nelu's Birthday
Bowling for bugs
In Kubota Park
Meeting Romanian Press, 2004
Discovering Discovery Park
Party at Martyn
Breakfast of champions
A sunny day in Olympia
Again snow in Redmond
2004 New Year's Eve