Pictures from year 2003

At Nelu & Beatrice
At Developer Division party
Dan's birthday party, 11/2003
Flavia met Ileana
Halloween at Eduard & Ileana
Vacation in Hawaii, 10/2003
Weekend at Cushman Lake, 10/11/2003
Hiking on Rattlesnake trail (part2)
Hiking on Rattlesnake trail
At Mariners game, 08/22/2003
Microsoft company picnic at Meadows farm, 2003
Fireworks in Seattle, 2003
Seattle by night on July 4th, 2003
Flavia's new home in Olympia
The first reunion at Cristi 04/26/2003 (Cautza)
The first reunion at Cristi 04/26/2003
GoCart event 04/25/2003
On rented skis, at Stevens, 03/02/2003
Stevens pass again, 02/23/2003
Stevens time, 02/09/2003
Trips for Flavia's interviews, 2002-2003
At Cristi & Cornelia in East Lansing, 01/12/2003
2003 New Year's Eve